Rand & The Hobarts

Rand & The Hobarts

… draw their inspiration from political events and speeches. They often collaborate with ad hoc film-maker and producer TheFatControlleR who takes ‘found footage’ of events of interest from YouTube, editing and mixing the content to which Rand & The Hobarts apply a soundtrack.

Their work is sometimes what they term a ‘ReVersion‘ i.e. their take of an existing piece (almost always instrumental) or something original.

Their decision to work with and within ‘film’ will, perhaps, come as no surprise to anyone who recognises the root of their name.

One of the early releases on TheNovaLounge label was an album from Rand & The Hobarts, ‘This is a Movement Now!‘. The genesis of which was a public speech given by Tariq Ali in defence of the philosophy department of the Middlesex University – which had been earmarked for closure as part of the austerity measures introduced by the ConDem coalition government of Camoron/Clegg.

The event was discovered on YouTube and was ideal material for Mr Meeks and Rand & The Hobarts to collaborate. However, the nature of the soundtrack lent itself to an audio release.

The album isn’t available from the store.