Mr Meeks…

… is a producer of eclectic aural wares and sometime remixer of the works of others.

In terms of the collective Mr Meeks has been known to work with Rand & The Hobarts, and TheFatControlleR – both separately and together. However, when all three are ‘in the mix’ the result all too often defies description.

Light – Phi Sequence (Mr Meeks’ Electromagnetic 432 Mix) by Mr Meeks

Mid Blank – Phi Sequence (Mr Meeks’ Darjeeling Mix) MkII by Mr Meeks

Dirty South & Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth – Alive (Mr Meeks’ Colin Clive Mix) by Mr Meeks

Timo Maas – Cash Johnny (Mr Meeks’ Mechanical Mutt Mix) by Mr Meeks

Sasha – Cut Me Down (Mr Meeks’ Woof Mix) by Mr Meeks

Melie – Bring Me Light (Mr Meeks’ Remix) by Mr Meeks