The Collective

TheNovaLounge has been in existence for more than seven decades. The collective being in constant flux, attracting various artists from several disciplines and genres: from art to film to music to literature to poetry to stage, covering modern, traditional, avant garde, and beyond…

Many of our members are multidisciplinary and enrich several of our departments with their artistry and gifts.

Current members of, and contributors to, our music & sound department include;

Bates the Butler – a conceptual artist and filmmaker – Bates is the black sheep

Agrippa – Hard dance, EBM, EDM, Dark Ambient DJ/Producer

DJ Rhett Roe – He don’t give a damn!

Dr Karswell – an orator and filmmaker

Hoor Paar Kraat – musicians

Jacques T – a writer and director

Mr Meeks – a remixer

Rand & The Hobarts – musicians

TheFatControlleR – omnipotent, omnipresent, he is one and every one is he

The Ticket Collector – a philosopher