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DJ Rhett Roe Joins the Collective

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Published on: 18/02/2012

After many months of negotiation DJ Rhett Roe has become a valuable member of the collective. Rhett has been DJing for many years and has a vast knowledge and collection of ‘alternative’ genres. Read more about him here.


TFC Emerges…

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Published on: 30/12/2011

TheFatControlleR, a usually reclusive Svengali figure, emerged from the shadows this week releasing a new track into the public domain. Not only does TFC not surface, in public, all that often, he rarely acknowledges the involvement of (or his involvement with) other TNL members but, on this occasion he has worked with HPK (musical production)[…]


Invitation for Meeks

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Published on: 24/12/2011

Mr Meeks recently received a personal invitation to remix tracks for a forthcoming album from Phi Sequence (a Canadian electronic music artist based in Boston USA). Mr Meeks was given free reign over the original album material, able to choose which track(s) he worked his unique, and often arcane, magic on. Mr Meeks said of[…]


Shopping with Violence

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Published on: 15/08/2011

Rand & The Hobarts have released their new single ‘Shopping with Violence‘. Taking their, err, inspiration from an outing on BBC2s Newsnight by David Starkey (academic, historian, TV documentarist), they have produced a dubstep stylee track for you delectation. Th etrack can be downloaded form all the usual places including the TNL store at nimbit[…]


New Store…

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Published on: 04/06/2011

TheNovaLounge is proud to announce the opening of our store… Please visit it and buy shit, now! 😉

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