Welcome to the virtual home of TheNovaLounge.

TheNovaLounge is a loose collective of kindred spirits who drift in and out of each others consciousness (and subconsciousness), taking and leaving subtle ideas and notions, memories and emotions.

Although in physical existence since the early/mid 60s, and online since 1994, TNL has had an ethereal existence since the late 50s.

You can review the members of the collective here.

However, it is only now with more recent developments in direct-to-fan services, like d Bandcamp, that we are able to reach out and offer our work to a wider audience in an attempt to encourage their participation.

Currently we offer digital downloads from Rand & The Hobarts (their album ‘This is a Movement Now!‘), we will, hopefully, be bringing you more works from other TNL members.

Our aim is to not just promote and provide the fruits of our Music & Sound Dept., but also to deliver works from other departments too, where possible, whether they be digital deliveries or hard copies of original items (in the case of our Art and Literature Depts.) along with attendance opportunities for our live performances by both our Drama and Music & Sound Departments, all made available from a single source.

To keep abreast of developments bookmark this page and drop by from time to time or, alternatively, visit our store’s homepage and sign up/subscribe as a fan for occasional newsletters, offers, previews and freebies.